STEP #5 (cont.)


STEP #1: Determine the Trailer Model Required ...
with the correct length, width, and weight of the boat.

A. Determine length by measuring transom to bow eye.

B. Determine width by measuring the chine beam.

NOTE: If your chine beam is over 80" wide, a w-series (wide) trailer is needed.

C. Determine weight by totaling the weights of the ...
  • Boat, including stern-drive engine
  • Motor(s), outboards only *
  • fuel (7 pounds per gallon)
  • battery
  • gear (trolling motor, fishing gear, etc.)
  • water (8 pounds per gallon)

* Note: I.O. powered boat weights are normally calculated with the standard size engine included in the published weight of the boat. Consideration should be given to optional heavier V8 engines when calculating trailering weight.

O.B. powered boat published weights are normally less the engine. When calculating the trailering weight use the maximum horsepower rating when selecting the engine size and weight.

(The same rule will apply for twin engine installations).

D. After determining the specifications for A, B, and C above, refer to the ShoreLand’r Boat Trailer Specs in the link below.

The following chart explains model numbers:
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