Trailer Storage and Maintenance

A safe trip to and from the lake can be made by trailer maintenance. That's why it's important to follow ShoreLand'rs tips for maintaining your trailer.

  1. Keep it Clean - Rinse your trailer thoroughly after each use. Salt water or waters high in acidity or low in alkalinity required a galvanized or aluminum trailer. A freshwater rinse of your trailer, including the brakes, will extend their service life. If you own a painted trailer, use a good car wax to help protect the finish. Your dealer should be able to provide touch-up paint for repairing minor rock damage.
  2. Check and pack wheel bearings yearly either when prepping for a new season or when ending the old season. During this inspection, you can decide if repacking the bearings and/or replacing them is necessary – many people repack their bearings once a year. We use over-based calcium sulfonate which is available through your parts-selling ShoreLand’r dealer. Click here for more information on packing your bearings or watch this how to video on replacing boat trailer bearings. If you are not comfortable checking or repacking your bearings, seek a qualified ShoreLand’r dealer for this important service.
  3. Check the coupler for any unusual wear or damage. It is also important to keep the coupler clean and lubricated with a light coat of grease in the ball cavity. Your ShoreLand’r dealer can help you order this important replacement part if necessary.
  4. Regularly check all nuts and bolts to see that they are tight. When tightening fasteners, make sure they are snug – the point where the fastener begins to tighten down – and then give the fastener an extra ¾ turn. Never tighten a fastener to the point of creasing or collapsing the metal. See our tire torque chart for directions on safely tightening your tire’s wheels to the hub.
  5. Check your trailer’s support system. Our carpeted bunks are designed for maximum support of your boat; make sure the carpet is free of sand or other debris that may have been acquired at the ramp. On roller trailers, keep all rollers clean and free of debris that may have penetrated the roller’s surface.
  6. Regularly check your tires for unusual wear. Check out our tire wear troubleshooting guide. Side wear is the most common kind of wear and is indicative of a bent axle; tube axles can be realigned at a qualified shop – in extreme situations, the axle may need replaced. See a parts-selling dealer for purchasing information.
  7. ShoreLand’r has a track record of offering replacement parts for trailers up to 20 years old. We also construct our trailers so that parts most likely to be damaged through incidental use – lights, axles, and tongues for instance – can be replaced either by the user or a qualified ShoreLand’r dealer. Make sure to keep your trailer’s VIN handy, so your dealer can be confident that he or she is ordering the right part the first time.
Off-season storage has a great impact on your trailer’s longevity.
  1. Give your trailer a fresh water rinse before long-term storage. If you have a painted trailer, give it a wax coating to protect the finish. If you have used your galvanized or aluminum trailer in salty or acidic water, make sure you give some extra fresh-water rinsing to those brake and plated items such as the coupler and winch system!
  2. If at all possible, store the trailer inside a building that is dry and free of corrosive air. Inside areas that retain humidity can be worse than storing a trailer outside.
  3. If you must store the trailer outside, make sure it’s away from corrosive elements. In snowy climates, road crews use salt in crystal and liquid formats that could begin to cause harm to your trailer while it is not being used.
  4. Make sure the tires are inflated properly, so they don’t rest harshly on the bead.
  5. Packing those bearings with fresh grease prior to storage will ensure that there is no water infiltration that will harm your bearings during the off-season. We use over-based calcium sulfonate which is available through your parts-selling ShoreLand’r dealer. If you do not get an Owner’s Guide with your trailer, please go to our web site’s literature rack to request the necessary literature. Click here for more information on packing your bearings. If you are not comfortable checking or repacking your bearings, seek a qualified ShoreLand’r dealer for this important service
Tips from ShoreLand'r
ShoreLand'r Trailering Tips

To get the most out of boating you have to get the most out of your trailer. That's why we've put together this list of tips to make life easier.

Free Boat U.S. Membership
Free Boat U.S. Membership

To protect you in the unlikely event of a breakdown, all ShoreLand’r trailers come with a FREE 90-day BoatU.S. Membership. It features over 26 benefits, including Trailer Assist and Tow and on-the-water towing services.

Limited Warranty
Five year plus limited warranty

For added peace of mind, our 5-year Plus Limited Warranty includes a 1-Year, Tongue-to-Taillight Warranty. Ask your dealer for details.

Brake Laws
Brake Laws

ShoreLand’r is the first major trailer manufacturer to have brakes standard on all trailers with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) at 3000 lb. and above.